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Each week I will be posting article on my blog to keep you up to date with important and relevant technical information that I feel needs to be highlighted and reviewed.

Most of these points have come up during the support service sessions that I have with clients.

My goal in highlighting them here is that it will give you a quick way to refresh key points of your CAD software and help you make the most out of your Cad systems.

This week we cover: Save to earlier versions of BricsCAD (SaveFormat) 

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 If you're working with other people on a project that don't have access to the latest version of BricsCAD, then they may not be able to work with the drawing files after you've save them. This is because the .DWG file format has evolved with time, leading to many different versions. If your using the current version of BricsCAD you won't need to worry about .DWG compatibility, as you can open any of the earlier formats. To return a file back to someone on an older .DWG version you can use SAVEAS or ETRANSMIT to save a copy of the drawing to the required version. This can become a little tedious if you need to do it a lot. Luckily, you can configure BricsCAD to save to earlier .DWG versions. In SETTINGS, search for the SaveFormat variable, then change it to the .dwg version you want.  

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 From now on BricsCAD will save automatically to the chosen .DWG format, which means you can share your drawings with others without having to continually check the version. 


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