Why BricsCAD?

BricsCAD is a powerful CAD package with an immediately familiar feature set and interface, plus 100% .dwg file compatibility. That's right, BricsCAD works natively in .dwg. BricsCAD is also fully customisable through the use of Lisp, Diesel, VBA, DCL, and BRX. All at a competitive price point.


A 30 Day Trial is Free

If you are not familiar with BricsCAD the best place to start is to simply download and give it a try.  You have a 30 day free trial to have a go with the software. The trial version is fully featured, providing you with access to everything without limitation. If you have any questions during your trial, please contact us for advice.

Permanent Licenses

Unlike other CAD software BricsCAD licenses are PERMANENT. That's right, PERMANENT. You can continue to use your copy of BricsCAD for as long as you want, irrespective of whether you have a maintenance agreement or not.

BricsCAD Interface 2D plan

Licenses are Multi-platform

BricsCAD licenses are multi-platform. Windows, Mac, and Linux. You get to choose the platform you want to run on. The features are the same across all.

Licenses are Multi-Language and Global

BricsCAD licenses are multi-language and international. Download BricsCAD in the language of your choice and use wherever you want in the world without restriction.




License Only

License + Maintenance

BricsCAD Lite

$ 960

$ 1,200

BricsCAD Professional

$ 1,440

$ 1,800


$ 2,800

$ 3,500

BricsCAD Mechanical

$ 2,680

$ 3,350

BricsCAD Ultimate

$ 3,120

$ 3,900

BricsCAD Communicator

$ 840

$ 1,050

All prices are GST exclusive. Students and Academic institutes can register to use BricsCAD for *FREE*

Looking for an Upgrade, Volume, or Network license options? Get in touch, we can advise you and provide a quote.

 Automatic exploded view of assembly