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CAD Concepts is a CAD management and consultancy business owned and operated by Jason Bourhill.   Jason has extensive experience using CAD software and over 30 years’ experience working as a Mechanical Engineer, CAD Draughtsman and Project Manager.    His area of expertise includes:

  • Reviewing, assessing and providing advice and support on your current CAD office software and hardware requirements
  • Providing advice and support on folder structures, file conventions, block and part library structures, template creation and general file management
  • Running and creating CAD training courses
  • Excellent technical know how and a can do attitude

In his spare time Jason enjoys time with his family, applying himself to DIY projects, enjoying walks around the beautiful Waitakeres where he lives, and he is also an enthusiastic member of a local Pest Free group.

CAD Concepts is primarily focused on:

BrisCAD and Party Software sales.

We are the NZ Sales point for BricsCAD (AutoCAD replacement). BricsCAD comes in several different Levels and can also run a lot of 3rd party applications. In addition to BricsCAD we also sell and support several 3rd party CAD applications.

CAD Management & Support

In addition to CAD sales we provide management & support services for BricsCAD. Types of services we provide:

  • BricsCAD setup and customisation.
  • AutoCAD to BricsCAD migration.
  • BricsCAD training.

Our services can be delivered in person or remotely using tools like TeamViewer or Skype for Business. 

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