BricsCAD Beginners

This course will provide a general introduction to CAD. We have compiled a package of training and support material to get you to the point of producing simple 2D drawings quickly and without the pain. It's intended for anyone new to CAD that wants to gain the ability to create their own simple 2D drawings. The course training material incorporates general layouts, Component drawings, and schematics as part of the exercises. Download the flyer.

BricsCAD Beginners

Attend the course and you will also receive the following:

  • A copy of the training material, which includes sample templates, custom menu, and a simple symbol libraries to get you started.
  • A 30 day BricsCAD trial license allowing you to continue to working with the software on your own machine for the duration of the course.

Course Details

The course is 18 hours total. The course covers the following topics:

  • The BricsCAD user interface. Explore the drawing area, menus, and command line.
  • Construction of simple drawings by creating and manipulating basic objects.
  • Use of drawing tools to accurately construct and place objects.
  • Drawing structure and organisation.
  • Annotation and dimensioning.
  • Inquiry commands, how to measure and find more information on drawing objects.
  • How to re-use drawing content.
  • Drawing layout, page setup and printing.
  • How and where to find help.

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