Working with Polylines in BricsCAD

Polyline Header2

Missing the ability to easily edit Polylines in BricsCAD using PEDITEXT? The feature is there, but If you’re not familiar with using the QUAD you have likely missed it.

Working with the QUAD

To edit a polyline using the QUAD:

  1. Make sure the QUAD is On. You can toggle the QUAD On/Off by pressing F12, or by picking “QUAD” on the status bar.
  2. Hover over the polyline segment you want to edit and hold down the Ctrl button to allow sub entity selection.
  3. The QUAD should now give you additional options to edit the polyline.


NOTE: The QUAD display changes depending on your current WORKSPACE. Also, currently in BricsCAD, PEDITEXT options currently only work with Lightweight polylines. Because of this you may find have to use CONVERTPOLY to change your polyline type from heavy to light.

Customise the Context Menu

Not a fan of the QUAD? No problem, the BricsCAD CUI is highly customisable and you can add these options to the context menu. In fact, we’ve done this for you! We’ve created a Partial CUI which will provide you with additional options for the context menu. You can download a copy for your BricsCAD version using the links below.

Polyline Cui 01

To use, extract the cui from zip, then in BricsCAD use the MENULOAD command to attach.

WARNING. Do not use the MENU command!!

 If you're looking for other customisation options for BricsCAD, then please get in touch. We would be happy to be of service.

Polylines V19 Polylines V18

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