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NEW - Secret commands

NewCommand 01

You may be surprised to know that the NEW command is nowhere to be found on the menu of recent BricsCAD releases.

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Where can I find my BriscCAD License?

BricsCADLicenseKeys 3

How to retrieve your license key from your Bricsys account

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Backup 2

How to set and use drawing backup files

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Moving Licenses

Moving Licenses (LICENCEMANAGER) to another machine - The license manager layout changed with V19

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Save to earlier versions of BricsCAD

SaveFormat Banner3

Save to Earlier versions of BrisCAD (SaveFormat)

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Dark Interface (COLORTHEME)

DarkInterface 5

How to change the color of the user interface

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Autosave - How to set and use.

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How to set and use Autosave.

BricsCAD has an autosave feature that will create a copy of your drawing after a set interval.

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