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NewCommand 01

You may be surprised to know that the NEW command is nowhere to be found on the menu of recent BricsCAD releases.

Even when the menu says New, it is actually running the QNEW command. 

basefile image

QNEW simply begins a new drawing with the default template (defined by BASEFILE system variable).  

 In contrast, NEW opens a file dialogue allowing you to select the template you want to begin a new drawing.

 Don't worry; the NEW command is still available to access graphically by: 

  1. Right-clicking on the + tab at the top of the drawing area. 
  2. Pick New from the menu. 

BricsCAD set up image

 Other options to run NEW are: 

  • Type NEW in at the command line and press enter. 
  • Press Ctrl+N on the keyboard 



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