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Each week I will be posting article on my blog to keep you up to date with important and relevant technical information that I feel needs to be highlighted and reviewed.

Most of these points have come up during the support service sessions that I have with clients.

My goal in highlighting them here is that it will give you a quick way to refresh key points of your CAD software and help you make the most out of your Cad systems.

This week we cover: How to change the color of the user interface.

Not a fan of BricsCAD's Dark Interface? BricsCAD V20 introduced the option of a Dark/Light Interface, with the Dark Interface set as the default. You can toggle the COLORTHEME setting by right clicking over any existing Toolbar or Ribbon and then picking on the Dark Interface option. 

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DarkInterface 0003

 Further help:

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 My area of expertise includes: 

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- Running and creating CAD training courses 

I am also extending my support service offering from my office here in New Zealand to include a range of ongoing support contracts so that I can better assist you and your team to maximise and utilise all of the available tools of the Cad system. 

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