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CADprofi Mechanical -  helps in designing mechanical and construction projects in 2D. Application contains an extensive set of standardized parts prepared on the basis of national and international standards. It is also possible to draw and edit technological schemes, as well as, hydraulic and pneumatic systems.

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  • A rich set of parametric standardized parts and fasteners, including bolts, screws, washers, nuts, joints, rivets, studs, openings, rebates, wedges, pivots, pins, bearings, grease nipples, rings and many more.
  • Steel and aluminium shapes and profiles: L-shapes, C-shapes, T-shapes, flat bars, hollow profiles, rods, pipes and others.
  • Elements used for designing apparatus, including flanges and dished ends, steel pipes and fittings (elbows, tees, reducers). It is possible to draw pipelines with automatic insertion of bends and automatic connection of pipes by using a variety of fittings.
  • Procedures used for calculating the heat exchangers and different types of tube bundles in heat exchangers.
  • Dynamic scaling of parts when inserting them into drawing or when editing projects. This allows for automatic selection of the size of the element directly in the drawing (e.g. selecting screws with a length matched to the thickness of connected elements).
  • Versatile editing commands that allow for reversal of elements, extending steel profiles etc.
  • All parts have different views adapted for creating different designs (e.g. front views, side, cross-section etc.). It is also possible to define the style and detail level that allows for insertion of parts with details, axes, hatch etc.
  • System of freely configurable marking welds, tolerance signs, edge, roughness and others.
  • Convenient design of diagrams and pneumatic systems using smart symbols, lines and editing functions.
  • Additional drawing tools that greatly facilitate the creation of technical drawings (axis, circle axes, center marks, bisectors and others).
  • Automatic numbering of objects.
  • Access to CAD libraries of many world known manufacturers.
  • Possibility to create bill of materials and specifications that can be either printed or exported to multiple formats including pdf, rtf (doc), xls, xml, csv, html and more.
  • Automatic creation of graphical legends.

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