BricsCAD Support

There is a large amount of information out there providing support for BricsCAD, and it continues to grow!. Take a look at the blog and Training sections of our website to download utilities, and view our training schedules for BricsCAD. Other support options are listed below.

On the Bricsys Website:
  • Bricsys TV for video tutorials, news, and 3rd party application information.
  • BricsCAD User's Guide. View Online, or download as a PDF.
  • Support Forums. Discuss issues and ideas with other BricsCAD users, and the developers.
  • BricsCAD for AutoCAD Users *FREE*. This ebook provides a lot of good background information on BricsCAD, including a detailed listing of BricsCAD commands and shortcut keys.
  • Learn BricsCAD in a day gives a general introduction to BricsCAD from a Civil/Architectural viewpoint. Note exercises use imperial units.
  • Customising BricsCAD introduces the different customising options for BricsCAD. This E-book is provides *FREE* BricsCAD subscription holders.
Other CAD sites to try:
  • Cadtutor for FREE AutoCAD tutorials.
  • CADforum as well as a question and answer forum this site also offers access to a large number of free symbols
  • AutoDESK User Group International. Offering advice and support for AutoCAD users
  • Cadalyst magazine. As well as information on the site you can sign up to receive weekly emails giving tips on CAD.
CAD Books

You could buy some books on AutoCAD, these will cover all the same principals used in BricsCAD. Go for earlier books on AutoCAD (between AutoCAD 2008 and 2004), they will be cheaper and more relevant to BricsCAD. You can buy old stock or used books online from Amazon , or Fishpond . Alternatively borrow them from your local library.

Printing to PDF
  • PDFCreator is a good free PDF printer that will allow you to print to PDF from BricsCAD. When you install just avoid the unnecessary add-ons that they suggest to include.
  • Bullzip PDF is another good PDF printer, with a free option.
  • Another alternative is to use AutoDESKs DWG TrueView to print dwgs. This is a free standalone application for viewing and printing DWG files.