BricsCAD Sample Setup


Welcome to CAD Concepts BricsCAD Set-up. Originally created to support our training objectives, this material provides users with an easier entrance into getting going with BricsCAD. CAD Concepts BricsCAD Set-up demonstrates the numerous customisation options BricsCAD provides, giving you an idea of what you can do with BricsCAD, and is how we provide clients with a BricsCAD set-up tailored to their requirements.

There are two installers available depending on which version of BricsCAD you've got installed. If your not sure go with the 64bit version.

  64bit 32bit
V19 BricsCAD Setup V19 (x64)  BricsCAD Setup V19 (x86)
V18 BricsCAD Setup V18 (x64)  BricsCAD Setup V18 (x86)
V17 BricsCAD Setup V17 (x64) BricsCAD Setup V17 (x86)
V16 BricsCAD Setup V16 (x64) BricsCAD Setup V16 (x86)
V15 BricsCAD Setup V15 (x64) BricsCAD Setup V15 (x86)


Our BricsCAD Set-up includes, but is not limited to the following:

For more detail, please refer to the included help file.

All of this is made available to you to use for FREE!


The set-up application will configure BricsCAD for you, customises the interface, and provides additional library files. The set-up installs to its own profile, and uses its own support files, which allows it to run without any impact on your existing BricsCAD set-up.

On completion of the installation process you will find shortcuts similar to the ones shown below, that allow you to run this BricsCAD setup from the start menu, and from your desktop. This will run BricsCAD using a specific profile that will run independently from your current BricsCAD configuration.

CCL Shortcuts

You will also find shortcuts to allow you to run BricsCAD using your original configuration.

MyBCAD Shortcuts

Please refer to the included read-me and help file for further information.

Creative Commons License
CAD Concepts BricsCAD Set-up by CAD Concepts Ltd. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Your BricsCAD Set-up

One of the most time consuming, and at times difficult things, is setting up BricsCAD (and AutoCAD for that matter) to suit your requirements. If you're new to CAD, or making the move from another CAD application, we can help by providing you a BricsCAD set-up specifically tailored to your requirements. In addition, we can provide you with CAD management support, allowing you to get the most out of your CAD investment.

If you like the ease that our BricsCAD set-up provides you, then consider engaging us to help you achieve the same with your company's details. We have been successfully doing this for our clients over a number of years.

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About Express Tools for BricsCAD

Express Tools for BricsCAD by Cadwiesel started out as a project to provide a German translation to AutoCAD's Express tools. With the advent of BricsCAD this project was re-purposed with the aim of bringing the same set of utilities to BricsCAD.

If you're using Express Tools for BricsCAD be aware that some of the utilities have been replaced by native BricsCAD commands.