Creating a New User Profile

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There will be times when Bricscad may act strangely, or you have changed a setting that stops Bricscad from working. In these situations, creating a new user profile can be useful to reset your user settings to their defaults.

How to create a new profile

  1. Shutdown Bricscad if it is running.
  2. Launch the User Profile Manager from the Start Menu. Start->Programs->Bricsys->Bricscad V12

    Start the user profile manager
  3. This launches the User Profile Manager. You may see several profiles listed. The one that has a tick beside it is your current profile.

    Curent Profile
  4. Pick the create button to create a new profile

    Create a Profile
  5. Enter a profile name and pick the ok button to create a new profile.

    Profile Name
  6. Select the new profile you have created, then double click to make it the current profile and to launch Bricscad.

    Launch Profile
  7. This will now be the default profile used by Bricscad. Run the user profile manager again to change.

Download these instruction in a PDF