We strive to provide the best possible support to our clients, no matter their size, or requirements. And are proud of the client feedback we have received:

Fibre Tech New Zealand

"Fibre Tech New Zealand Limited is a leading company in wool technology and product innovation, producing premium non-woven products based around natural, pure New Zealand wool. Based in Christchurch, Fibre Tech was hit hard by the February 2011 earthquake that caused such widespread decimation to the city. Loss of their existing quilting machine, led to sourcing and installing a replacement machine from a new supplier. This presented Fibre Tech with another challenge in that their existing software and designs couldn't be used directly with the new machine, which had different file format requirements. Fibre Tech approached CAD Concepts for a solution, and subsequently purchased BricsCAD to create and output their quilt designs.

Given Fibre Tech's lack of experience with CAD, and their specific usage requirements, CAD Concepts developed a custom interface to tailor BricsCAD to their needs as well as providing tuition on use. All of this was delivered remotely through a customised installer, web meetings, and instructional video. The combination of new quilting machine and tailored software solution has enabled Fibre Tech to bounce back from the edge of disaster to be in a much better position than they were previously.

Peter Sheldon, Executive Director, Fibre Tech New Zealand Ltd.

CKL Surveying and Planning

CKL approached Jason Bourhill of CAD Concepts when we wanted to rationalise our many versions of AutoCAD, move to a more cost effective CAD software, and standardise the various styles being used within CKL. For us the solution lay with BricscCAD.

Jason bought a professional approach to the task by first determining the real needs of CAD within CKL, the CAD skills within CKL and standards required by CKL. Jason then worked with CKL's CAD experts and IT personnel to develop the styles, standards and control mechanisms to ensure that all staff have access to the latest CKL CAD and Style standards.

This approach, combined with Jason's tailored training for our team, resulted in a swift and seamless change from assorted AutoCAD products to BricsCAD for the majority of staff, with some designers using Autodesk's Civil3D. Both packages are setup to produce the same style, and the link from 12D to BricsCAD is easy and versatile.

CKL now have a much easier to manage CAD system that is consistent across the company, with excellent support from Jason at CAD Concepts.

Errol Balks, Director, CKL Surveying and Planning

Valiant Design Group

"I have recently began looking at setting up my own architectural design service. CAD systems can be very expensive and inexpensive alternatives do not often come with any contact or support. Jason from CAD concepts spent time with me over the phone giving a comprehensive understanding of the basics of their alternative BricsCAD. I found his style of service personable and professional. I feel I have a better set of tools to make a go in my industry with Cad Concepts help. Thanks again-"

Henry Mullaly, Valiant Design Group Limited

Graeme Ross

"I couldn't find that last night at 2330 hrs for love or money. As usual, your response is spot-on, concise and understandable. Pat yourself on the back !!

Now all you need to concentrate upon is taking Robbie Deans back to Kiwi so as we can win a cup or two :)"

Graeme Ross, Tasmania